Career Competency Qualifications (CCQs) rubrics now scorable in Educator Portal

Those interested in delivering our performance-based Career Competency Qualifications (CCQ) should now have a much easier time submitting the scored rubrics back to cPass®.

In late 2016, the ability to assign scorers to students and score available CCQs for those students was added to Educator Portal. Designated scorers will be able to find their assigned students from a roster and score the CCQ that student has been assigned. Scorers can then either transcribe the scoring information into Educator Portal from a previously completed paper rubric or score the student’s performance directly into Educator Portal as the CCQ is administered.

If you are interested in becoming a trained CCQ scorer or would like more information on how to access CCQ rubrics in Educator Portal, please contact us at

We hope that this new functionality will make CCQ delivery easier for our educators. Let us know what you think by sending us an email!