Career Competency Qualifications offer hands-on opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills

As the Career Pathways Collaborative opens another year of assessments, we also open a new year of Career Competency Qualifications (CCQs). The complements of cPass® computer-based assessments, CCQs are hands-on tests of students’ skills meant to test students’ abilities in ways that computer-based tests cannot. Simply put, CCQs give students a chance to demonstrate that they can successfully put theory into practice.

cPass assessments and CCQs pair together to provide a fuller picture of a student’s knowledge and abilities in a particular subject area – i.e., in a particular career pathway. Where computer-based assessments cover the knowledge and skills common across a given pathway’s subjects, CCQs offer students an opportunity to tailor the assessment to their individual career interests. The Collaborative recommends that students taking computer-based assessments also participate in Career Competency Qualifications in their specific areas of interest, in order to more fully assess their readiness for careers in those areas.

The Career Pathways Collaborative currently offers several CCQs to correspond with the computer-based assessments for three of its pathways: Comprehensive Agriculture, Animal Systems, and the General Assessment. One CCQ is available for each subject area within these pathways.

Comprehensive Agriculture CCQs

  • Animal Vaccination
  • Plant Propagation
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

General Assessment CCQs

  • Employability
  • Presentation
  • Research Decision

Animal Systems CCQs

  • Animal Health & Clinical Practices
  • Expected Progeny Differences
  • Meat Fabrication

The Collaborative is also currently developing CCQs to correspond with the pathways of the Plant Systems operational assessment. These CCQs are expected to be available for administration in fall 2017.

Schools or districts with students who may be interested in taking a Career Competency Qualification are strongly encouraged to submit volunteers to become trained raters for CCQs. Raters may be teachers, district personnel, or other individuals involved in the activities related to a given pathway. Contact to get started.